Welcome to Direct Control

100% New Zealand owned, operated and based in Mt Eden Auckland - New Zealand. We at DiEECA_logo_150_RGBrect Control specialize in System Design, Installation, Service and Support of:

  • Building Automation & Integration
  • EECA Funding, Commercial Buildings Programme
  • NABERSNZ™ Assessments and Ratings
  • Energy Monitoring, Modelling and Analytics
  • HVAC, Lighting Control & Refrigeration
  • CMVP, Energy Management & ISO 50001
  • Energy Monitoring in Data Centers
  • Power Quality Monitoring - AS/NZS 61000.4.30
  • Wireless Water-Meters, Smart-Meters 923 MHz
  • Heat- and Cooling Metering
  • Access Control, Security Systems and CCTV

We use leading edge technology to simplify building management and to enhance system capabilities and monitoring. We advance with the modern world, creating energy efficient buildings to deliver comfortable, economical, sustainable and secure environments.