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Read More Direct Control provides innovative, easy-to-use building management and automation solutions backed by dedicated and passionate employees. We bring you the world’s best solutions for building automation and controls.
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What we do


The solutions of Direct Control are designed to improve the energy efficiency of large, complex buildings, whether commercial, public, or academic. Read More

Building Automation

With over 1000 installations for HVAC, Water, Energy Consumption Management, Lighting and Access Control, Direct Control has proven our competence as a partner in the New Zealand construction and building management industries. Read More

Smart Metering

Direct Control provides a range of wired and wireless energy and water meters, including options for sub-metering suitable for apartment buildings. Our range includes wireless sensors powered by LoRaWAN technology, for complete remote Monitoring and Targeting systems. Read More

Building Security

With a range of solutions for Access Control, CCTV, Remote Monitoring, Automated Logging and Reporting, Direct Control delivers solutions for safe, secure and high performance buildings. Read More

LoRa WAN – Internet of Things Solutions for Smart Facilities

Direct Control provides LoRaWAN networks, gateways, sensors, converters and devices for Councils, Farms, Universities, Corporations, Organisations and the Internet of Things (IoT) markets.

LoRaWAN is a spread spectrum technology developed to enable long range communications and connectivity (up to 15 km).

LoRa is a global standard which enables true Internet of Things sensors and networks.

  • LORAnexus IoT Platform
  • LORAready Monitoring Solutions
  • Low connection costs
  • Public or private networks
  • LoRa WAN Platform
  • NZ/AUS compliant LoRa Standard
LORAready LoRaWAN Monitoring 600

About Us?

  • About us

    Direct Control is a New Zealand-owned and operated company established in 1991.

    We develop, import and implement solutions for advanced building control and management, including water and energy metering, security and access control solutions, building automation and more.

    With the evolution of technology, Direct Control is playing a leading role in the introduction of Internet of Things solutions to New Zealand by introducing LoRaWAN network technology and sensors for remote building management and other applications.               IQnexus LORAnexus

  • Our Vision

    Driven by a vision of efficiency and performance through automation and control, Direct Control sees a world where more can be achieved while using fewer resources. With population growth, environmental stress is inevitable – but through effective and accurate management, human impact can be minimised, costs controlled and a harmonious balance between man and nature achieved. Through our activities, Direct Control contributes to a better New Zealand for all who live here.

    We can help you solve this problem with solutions to make energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green from plant to plug

  • Our Targets

    Our target defines an entrepreneurial concept that will enable our Company to consistently occupy attractive growth fields, sustainably strengthen our core business and outpace our competitors in efficiency and performance.

    We can help you solve this problem with solutions to make energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green from plant to plug


In our search for the best solutions for New Zealand, Direct Control partners with world-leading vendors including Tridium, SkyFoundry, Delta Controls, Janitza, Optergy, Actility, PacketPower, Kamstrup, Robustel and Philips Dynalite.

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Address Physical : 8 Normanby Road - Mt. Eden - Auckland 1024 Postal : Post Office Box 6253 - Wellesley Street - Auckland 1141
Phone Number Main Office : +64 9 300 4300
Email Address General email : info@directcontrol.nz  Service email : service@directcontrol.nz 
Other Details Site Name : http://www.directcontrol.co.nz

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