Analytics for Smart Buildings & Cities with LoRa WAN


  • From automation systems to electric meters, thermostats, appliances and even individual sensors – smart devices of all types are now capable of communicating valuable data about their operation and environment. Access to this data opens up new opportunities for improved performance and the delivery of value-added services to reduce costs, and validate investments in energy savings measures.

    SkySpark automatically analyzes data from automation systems, metering systems and wireless LoRa WAN devices to identify issues, patterns, deviations, faults and opportunities for operational improvements and cost reduction.

    • Find what matters™
    • Haystack tagging
    • Multiple existing data sources
    • Additional LoRa WAN sensors
    • Flexible subscription models
    • IPMVP & NABERS NZ compliant
  • Direct Control created LoRaNexus as a Mash-Up solution between the LoRa WAN network software and the application layer. LoRaNexus receives payloads from the different LoRa WAN sensors via the network layer. The payload is decryped, decoded and then converted into standard protocols for building automation like Haystack, BACnet or ModBus/IP. Additional protocols like MQTT are available.

    • Mesh-Up for LoRaWAN sensors and devices
    • LoRa WAN to BACnet conversion
    • Connects IoT to Building Automation
    • Local or hosted server
    • Supports LoRaWAN devices with AS923 standard
  • Direct Control provides a wide range of LoRa sensors and devices for LoRaWAN AS923. The European 868 MHz devices are not compliant to the AUS/NZ regulations. We are registering the sensors with ACMA for the necessary RCM mark. In addition we are testing the LoRa WAN sensors against our conventional sensors and we verify the readings according to the Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol® IPMVP with our calibrated handheld sensors.

    • AUS/NZ compliant LoRa WAN sensors
    • AS923 LoRa Standard 1.0.2
    • Verified according to IPMVP
    • Room Sensors with CO2
    • Pulse-LoRaWAN totaliser for Water Meters
    • LoRa WAN temperature sensors
    • LoRa WAN universial sensors
  • Direct Control helps building owners and operators to lower energy use and to increase building operations efficiency. We make this happen with an energy intelligence service platform— that powers a better Internet of Things (IoT) approach for buildings.

    • Sustained, repeatable, and predictable improvements in building energy performance
    • Energy and operational savings across multiple buildings with differing BMS backbones
    • Decreased HVAC energy use by 10-25%
    • Maintained or increased tenant comfort at all times
    • LoRaWAN sensors for retrofit
    • Improved property value by increasing NABERS scores.

Intelligent Buildings and the Internet of Things

Filling in the Missing Link with LoRa WAN

Facilities are undergoing a rapid transformation connecting and linking HVAC, lighting, environmental sensors, and security and safety equipment, along with external inputs such as the smart grid and weather. User-driven and automated business processes can now leverage real-time IoT information from people, systems and devices to maximise resource efficiency, reduce cost and risk, and increase visibility across all operations. But how do you get a temperature sensor, for example, to deliver its information into.

Direct Control provides LoRa WAN solutions for different industries over public and private LoRaWAN IoT networks in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.