• LORAMODBUS is a secure, end-to-end LoRa Integration Solution that includes connectivity to public networks or provides an own private network with in-house or outdoor gateways and sensors & transceivers. LORANEXUS can be cloud based or on-premise installed on a linux industrial PC. LORANEXUS emulates ModBus IP communication for BMS or SCADA systems and acts as a gateway.

    • Suports public LPWAN networks
    • Private LoRaWAN gateway
    • On-premise installation
    • LoRa ModBus IP Gateway
    • LoRa WAN Transceiver, Class A
    • Platform mapping
    • Configuration per Downlink
  • LORAMODBUS is not a ModBus bridge and works over private and public LoRa WAN networks. The transceiver are acting as ModBus Master mapped to the respective registers of the ModBus Slave. The mapping is created on the LORANEXUS platform and the LoRa ModBus transceiver receive the mapping table via downlink. The LoRa WAN transceiver are active ModBus Master. LORANEXUS is emulating the ModBus IP as a slave. In the on-premise solution it can also provide BACnet. 

    • Cloud Account or
      On-Premise with BACnet
    • LoRa WAN ModBUS Emulation
    • LoRa WAN BACnet
    • Mapping Setup
    • Remote Management
    • ModBus devices or
      generic LoRa sensors
  • LORANEXUS and LORAMODBUS are a complete LoRa WAN platform and middleware to connect to Building Automation or SCADA Systems via ModBus IP. This configuration can be extended with any sensor out of the IQnexus marketplace. 

    • Easy Setup
    • GUI for Mapping
    • Configuration per Downlink
    • LoRaWAN Class A or Class C
    • AES128 data encryption
    • Cloud or On-Premise
  • Direct Control helps building owners and operators to lower energy use and to increase building operations efficiency. We make this happen with an energy intelligence service platform— that powers a better Internet of Things (IoT) approach for buildings.

    • Sustained, repeatable, and predictable improvements in building energy performance
    • Energy and operational savings across multiple buildings with differing BMS backbones
    • Decreased HVAC energy use by 10-25%
    • Maintained or increased tenant comfort at all times
    • LoRaWAN sensors for retrofit
    • Improved property value by increasing NABERS scores.

LoRaWAN Monitoring Solutions

time and money savings that set the industry standard

LORANEXUS is a turnkey, fully-automated monitoring solution for a variety of vertical markets.

With LORANEXUS, users are enabled to remotely monitor their business assets around the clock. These pre-packaged solutions are working over public LPWAN networks or with a LoraWAN™ ethernet or cellular gateway with long-life sensors and an iOS/Android mobile application, and take only minutes to set up.

Gateways and sensors can be mixed, matched, and scaled to meet a wide variety of IoT challenges. Real-time reporting ensures users can manage their inventory and assets before costly problems arise. If a problem is detected, users will receive instant, actionable alerts.

LORANEXUS delivers time and money savings that set the industry standard.

Direct Control provides Smart-Metering and Monitoring Solutions for LPWAN networks in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.