Adeunis LPWAN Sensors


  • LoRaWAN or SIGFOX transmitter with ANA/DIG sensor interfaces.

    • AUS/NZ compliant
    • Two channel pulse totaliser for metering
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Change of states with digital inputs
    • Analog inputs, 4-20mA, 0-10V
    • Different external sensors available
  • As an expert in radio, adeunis® provides real added value in the design, installation and deployment, and also in the management and surveillance, of LPWAN applications in many markets. The wireless communication solutions designed and manufactured by adeunis® cover all types of applications.

    • Facility Management
    • Building Automation
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Smart Metering & Utilities
    • Farming & Irrigation
    • Campus infrastructure
  • Direct Control has developed the Mashup layer LORAnexus provides complete end to end solutions for adeunis® sensors and totaliser. ThingPark X, a product of Actility, is a data analytics and control framework which exposes data from connected things to applications. LORAnexus connects ThingPark X to the application layer and provides different protocols for standard software like Tridium, SkySpark, Delta Controls or Optergy.

    • Supports BMS protocols
    • adeunis® Mashup
    • End to End solutions
    • Building Automation
    • Analytics
    • Energy Management
    • Smart Metering

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Monitoring states and consumption with IoT networks

adeunis® is a French industrial company specializing in the design and manufacture of connected objects and wireless solutions, ready-to-use, dedicated to M2M, AUDIO and IoT (Internet of Things) markets.

For over 20 years, adeunis® supports its international customers with products using the latest technologies and implementation of innovative solutions.

Direct Control, as a distributor of adeunis®, implements LoRa WAN & SIGFOX sensors and converters into a wide range of applications. Using public or private LPWAN networks.