• The perfect water meter for measuring household consumption. LoRa WAN AS923 communication module compliant with the NZ radio regulations of the ISM band.

    • Multi-jet impeller meters with dry registers
    • Measuring range to OIML R 49
    • Wireless LoRaWAN module
    • Remote data reading up to 15 km
    • Leak, backflow and burst alarm
  • Aquametro provides a complete range of large water meters. Main distribution with electromagnetic flow meters (EFM). Sub-distribution with turbine meters. All meters can provide the readings wireless over LoRaWAN networks.

    • Sub-distribution with turbine meters
    • Modular design for flexible retrofitting
    • Remote data reading
    • LoRaWAN AS923 compliant for New Zealand
  • LoRaWAN water meters are an effective solution for remote reading. With LoRa MAR you get fast and easy access to consumption data and the system gives you access to tools for analysing and optimising your distribution network.

    • LoRaWAN modules and converters
    • LoRa gateways and cells
    • Fixed network LoRaWAN AMR
    • Complete LoRa WAN platform
    • Hosted or on own server

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Innovative measuring systems used around the world

Aquametro has supplied the global market with intelligent measurement systems in the fields of water supply, thermal energy, industrial liquids and gas and oil/fuel since 1928 – all developed and produced in Switzerland.

Direct Control implements Aquametro conventional and wireless LoRaWAN smart-metering and works with energy and water companies, utilities and submetering businesses to create new opportunities for growth and inspire smarter, more responsible solutions for the communities they serve.