Sensum IoT Platform, Sensors & Transceiver


  • Sensum IoT provides industrial off-the-shelf sensors for LoRaWAN or SIGFOX. 

    • Smart Pulse Totaliser for
      Water & Gas Meter
    • Energy Monitoring
    • Ultrasonic Tank Level
    • Temperature Monitoring
    • Soil-Moisture probe
    • Digital Inputs
    • Analog inputs, 4-20mA, 0-10V
  • The Sensum IoT transceiver for LoRaWAN & Sigfox are communicating to external devices over different serial protocols.

    • ModBus RTU
    • M-Bus
    • SL-12 Sensors
    • Remote or local configuraton
    • 10-28 VDC Supply
    • IP 67 with Solar Power
    • Battery Backup
  • The Sensum IoT platform provides real added value in the design, installation and deployment of End-to-End solutions. The wireless communication solutions designed and manufactured by Sensum IoT covers a wide range of ready to go IoT applications.

    • Facility Management
    • Cold-Room & Walk-in-Freezer
    • Building Automation
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Smart Metering & Utilities
    • Farming & Irrigation
    • Campus infrastructure
  • The Sensum IoT platform provides a bydirectional communication with the Sensum sensors and transceiver. The downlink is used for configuration, installation and commissioning. Different target applications for Building Automation, Energy-Management and Analytics are supported:

    • Janitza GridVis and Enery Portal
    • Delta Controls
    • Optergy Energy Management
    • SkySpark
    • Tridium
    • Robotron

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Help to keep New Zealand green for years to come

Sensum IoT was founded in 2016, it’s purpose was to develop and provide complete IoT integrations and solutions for all and every New Zealand company and organisation.

In early 2017, Sensum IoT successfully launched the Sensum IoT (Internet of Things) platform and a new range of smart LPWAN sensors that tailors and integrates solutions to meet companies unique requirements. The strategy of Sensum IoT is to encourage the early adoption of the IoT technology and help companies benefit from full connectivity of their products and services; this reflects in more efficient processes that use less resources and produce smaller carbon footprints.

Direct Control, as a partner of Sensum IoT, implements LoRa WAN & SIGFOX sensors and converters into a wide range of applications. Using public or private LPWAN networks.


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