Energy Management


  • Direct Control provides a wide range of power analyser and energy meter solutions. The Janitza UMG 512 is particularly well suited to the monitoring of power quality in accordance with current standards including EN 50160, IEEE519 and EN 61000-2-4.

    The UMG512, together with the free GridVis-Basic software, represents the core of a complete energy and power quality monitoring system. Submeters for different branches can be conected via Modbus.

    • Integrated webserver
    • Graphical programming
    • PLC functionality
    • BACnet (optional)
    • TCP/IP
    • Modbus (RTU, TCP, Gateway)
    • IPMVP & NABERSNZ compliant
  • That which cannot be measured cannot be managed. Energy monitoring and targeting (M&T) techniques provide energy managers with feedback on operating practices, results of energy management projects, and guidance on the level of energy use expected within certain periods. M&T systems provide early warnings of unexpected excess consumption caused by equipment malfunctions, operator error, unwanted user behaviour, or lack of effective maintenance.

    • Identify and explain excessive energy use
    • Detect instances when consumption is unexpectedly higher or lower
    • Visualize energy consumption trends
    • Develop performance targets for energy management programs
  • Direct Control provides solutions which dramatically reduced energy use and improve the operational efficiency of buildings. Through automated remote LoRa WAN Internet of Things sensors and our Intelligent Service Platform EnergyExpert, building owners and operators can reduce energy consumption by 25% or more, recovering costs rapidly and contributing to improved environmental performance.

    • Sustained, repeatable, and predictable improvements in building energy performance
    • Energy and operational savings across multiple buildings with differing BMS backbones
    • Decreased HVAC energy use by 10-25%
    • Maintained or increased tenant comfort at all times
    • Improved property value by increasing NABERS scores.

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Energy Management & Analytics

Direct Control helps building owners and operators to lower energy use and to increase building operations efficiency. We make this happen with our Intelligence Service Platform EnergyExpert — including a better Internet of Things (IoT) integration, based on LoRaWAN networks, for facilities.

We deliver 10-25% reduction in HVAC energy costs, significant improvements in NABERS ratings, increased market value, and we help your team operate your buildings at lower cost with higher tenant service nand comfort.

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