Lighting Control


  • Direct Control is a partner of Philips Lighting and provides a complete integration of Philips Dynalite into Building Automation & Management systems.

    • Preset lighting control
    • Distributed control and monitoring
    • Ease of installation and configuration
    • Flexibility in design
    • Energy savings
    • Advanced integration into other systems
  • Within any project, many different lighting load types may be required to achieve a desired result. Each of these load types may require a different style of control. The Philips Dynalite range of multipurpose controllers allows customization of output types via different output module units. This simplifies installation and prevents wasted capacity of circuits that are not required.

    • Distributed intelligence
    • Drive different lighting groups
    • DIN-rail and wall-box configurations
    • Preset scenarios
  • Direct Control helps building owners and operators to lower energy use and to increase building operations efficiency. We make this happen with an energy intelligence service platform— that powers a better Internet of Things (IoT) approach for buildings.

    • Sustained, repeatable, and predictable improvements in building energy performance
    • Energy and operational savings across multiple buildings with differing BMS backbones
    • Decreased HVAC energy use by 10-25%
    • Maintained or increased tenant comfort at all times
    • Improved property value by increasing NABERS scores.

Metering & Energy Efficency

Integrated Lighting Technology

Direct Control is a leader in integrated lighting technology in New Zealand. We create lighting systems that prioritise energy efficiency, sustainability, and operational cost reduction. We focus on improving the livability and effectiveness of indoor and outdoor environments, providing everything from functional general illumination to spectacular color-changing experiences that enhance your brand, encourage social interactions, and revitalize communities. We integrate lighting with our Building Management systems.

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