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Lighting Controls

Are your lights on where no one is working?

direct control lighting controlLighting makes up a significant amount of total energy consumption within a building. Direct Control provides lighting control and lighting interface solutions that can greatly reduce the costs associated lighting in your building.

Our lighting control systems feature controls for dimming, blind control, louvre or shutter, daylight linking, occupancy sensing, lux levels, load control and access control. All controls are linked to a centralised control network.

Our solutions:

  • Lower the cost of installation
  • Lower the operation cost of lighting and lighting controls
  • Increase the productivity of occupant / employee by increasing their level of comfort
  • Maximise the utilisation of space used for lighting and lighting controls
  • Reduce the overall consumption of energy in relation to lighting
  • Integrate with other building systems such as security, HVAC, metering and energy control.
  • Reduce vacancy risks in tenancies

Direct Control provides systems of the following suppliers and standards:

  • Delta Controls
  • Loytec
  • Dali